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NEW 2018 Club Car Precedent GAS

Standard Light Package Head Lights, Tail Lights, Brake Lights, Horn, Gas Gauge

Custom Seats, Metallic Paint

Start At $ 8100.00






2018 Club Car REMAN Conversions

New Body, Seats, Top, Gas Gauge, Head Light Only 4 color to choose from

New EFI Engine and Drive train with 1 Year Power Train Factory Warranty

$ 5800.00





2018 Club Car Precedent Factory Re Manufactured ELEC

Running Lights, Private Speed Code, Metallic Paint, 1 YEAR Warranty

Trojan Batteries Start AT $ 5950.00



2018 Club Car Precedent REman ELEC

Running Lights, Private Speed Code

Mags, Windshield Custom Seats


2018 Club Car Reman Elec

Metallic Synergy Green, Premium Seats, Mag Wheels, Windshield

Running Lights, Private Speed Code

$ 6500.00

2017 Club Car Precedent Elec Factory Remanufactured

Running Lights, Windshield, Private Speed Code

Factory Warranty

$ 5500.00



2018 Club Car Precedent Reman ELEC

Running Lights, Private Speed Code, Chrome Mags, Premium Seats, Windshield

Marble Body $ 6750.00



2016 Club Car Gas Precedent EFI $ 4800.00


2014 Club Car Precedent ELEC 4 PASS Flip Seat $ 4050.00

2015 Club Car GAS Precedent

New Body, Lights, Custom Seats

$ 5750.00

2015 Club Car Precedent GAS

$ 4600.00




2014 Club Car Precedent Elec

Two Year old Batteries

$ 3400.00

2014 Club Car Precedent 48 Volt

New Tires, Utility Bed, $ 4250.00

2014 Club Car Precedent 2 Year old Trojans

Windshield, Graphics, Storage Tray, New Seats

$ 3550.00


2013 Club Car Precedent GAS lift kit Big tires and wheels Camo Body,

4 Pass Flip Seat

 $ 5750.00

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